The SOLUTION to finding your pet their new home

The NewHOME (or Flyer) Program has been designed to provide your pet the opportunity to find a new home without taking him or her to a shelter. The main requirement is that you are able to keep the pet in your home while we search for a new home.

 WHY is this the program for responsible pet owners?

By enrolling your pet in this program you will help alleviate the stress of having to spend time in a shelter or foster home before adoption, you will ensure that your pet never faces the threat of euthanasia, and you will play an active roll in finding your pet their perfect home and family!

HOW does this program work?

If you and your family are in a position where you need to find your beloved pet a new home, here is what you do!


Please fill out an application form so that we can learn more about your pet and the reason you have made the decision to find them a new home.

We contact you

Once your application has been received a Good Sam representative will contact you to follow-up on any further information needed.

Find your pet a new home!

If your pet has been accepted into our program we will let potential adopters know that your pet is available for adoption right away! 

We utilize adoption programs such as Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet as well as our thousands of Good Sam followers to get the word out about how great your pet is and the specific kind of home your pet would thrive in!

There are many reasons why pet owners have to find their pets a new home. Before you surrender your pet to a shelter, let us do what we do best, find your pet their perfect forever home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my pet live during this process?

Your pet will continue living with you and your family until it gets adopted.  This program is intended to serve as the first step for responsible pet owners to help find their pet a new home before they have to consider surrendering the pet to a shelter.

How long could it take to get my pet adopted?

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to find your pet their perfect forever home.  In the Flyer Program Application we make sure to ask how long you can feasibly keep your pet in your home with you during this process. If you are looking to surrender your pet immediately the Foster Program or a local limited admissions shelter might be the best option for you.

What does it cost to enroll in this program?

It does not cost you anything to enroll your pet in this program, however donations are always appreciated!

How do I take a great picture of my pet?

A good picture is important when you are trying to re-home your pet.  A pet’s photo is what someone sees first when searching for a pet to adopt and first impressions mean everything! A posted pet with a bad photo can cause people to pass right on by your adoptable animal.

In our experience,  a good eye-catching photo often features a close-up of the pet’s face. We like to show a close-up face shot and a body shot of each animal.

Photo Tips: 

  • Consider using a bandana or decorative collar
  • Place a toy in the photo with the pet.
  • Take the photo with a solid, contrasting color background..

A good photo, if possible, should NEVER…

  • Be dark or gloomy.
  • Be blurry, out of focus, or not have the pet shown clearly.
Who do I contact for more information about this program?

If you have any other questions about this program please feel free to contact Good Sam at 303-222-0081 or at