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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

Adopting & Fostering

What are the fees to adopt a pet?

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What is expected of a foster parent?
  • A clean, nurturing, indoor home for the cat or dog, pending adoption.
  • Ability to bring the animal to the vet for spaying/neutering or other treatment.
  • Ability to give medications as needed.
  • Show the animal to potential adopters and at Good Samaritan events.
Is the foster parent responsible for expenses?

No. Good Samaritan will pay for the animal’s veterinary care and medications. Good Samaritan can also provide food, litter, and loan food/water bowls, litter box, and carrier if needed. Alternatively, the foster parent may purchase food and supplies for the foster pet as a donation, provide receipts, and receive an acknowledgement for tax deduction purposes.

Donating & Sponsoring

How do I Become a member of Good Samaritan Pet Center?

To become a member please fill out the application on the membership page and submit it to us.  We will add your name to the mailing list which is sent out each quarter.  Please submit a yearly membership fee of $25.00 by check or money order at your earliest convenience.

How do I earmark my donation for the Good Sam Medical Fund?

Your donations are always appreciated.  To earmark the donation for a specific fund, please note this on the check.  In this case write “Good Sam Medical Fund”.  We will ensure these funds honor your request.